Play it by Peer

Educational SaaS UI/UX

What is Play it by Peer?

Play it by Peer is a concept proofreading platform for students to get their work reviewed by their colleagues.

  • Educational SaaS
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience

Peer to Peer

Students can now get their work reviewed by their classmates. This helps towards engagement with the material and helps create discussions internally.



University students often have to pay expensive fees to have their work reviewed before submitting internally for a grade.

They also have limited options available in terms of who reviews their work and often have to go on word of mouth on the reviewers reputation.


Play it by Peer aims to allow students to have their work peer reviewed.

Students can register and review work and build an online reputation as a trusted reviewer.

Tasks can be approved/declined and all users will be able to see each others reputation.


Mind mapping and user personas helps plan out and identify a potential product that is beneficial to the end user.

Play it by Peer mind map


Before beginning the design phase I always create quick sketches and iterate upon them before taking it onto the computer.

Play it by Peer Sketches


Play it by Peer is designed to look and feel friendly and accessible. We want to encourage users to collaborate together and share publications for review with their peers.

Once the user arrives on the landing page it only takes a few clicks for them to be set up.

New users will sign up using their student email.
They will provide detail of their subject majors so they can be presented with targeted relevant content.

Once signed up – users will be able to log in upon return visits. They can do so with their username and password but also through Google for convenience.

If a user inputs incorrect content an error message may appear both during the input and once the form is being validated.

Once the user is logged in – they will see their main dashboard screen. This screen presents an overview of all available tasks open to the user.

They can also toggle categories related to their discipline of choice.

Clicking on a task gives the user access to more information and specifics about the task.

The user can then request a task that will be added to their task list. The task creator will get a notification informing them to approve or decline the request.

Once approved the task will then be added to the task list. The user can download the task, upload the completed task or contact the task creator.

Users will be able to view their reputation and analytics from the profile screen.


Play it by Peer makes collaboration easy thanks to it’s seamless design.

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