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Straight from your living room!

Bringing musicians to their audience

Live and Local is a concept music app that connects local artists to their fans.

The purpose of the app is to allow local artists to be paid for their work and connect with their audience especially during the pandemic when live events and gigs are not available.

It benefits fans who cannot attend shows and/or prefer virtual events to connect with their favourite local musicians quicker.



Local artists can’t connect with their fanbase due to pandemic.

They are seeing a decline in income as result and upcoming gigs have been cancelled. 

They would like to find a way to perform online and host virtual events to their fans.


To create an application that allows them to connect with their fans.

Find a way for fans to pay for online streaming gigs so they can support their local musicians.


Based upon survey questions with local musicians and music fans in my area I developed user personas to assist the research.


Sketching solutions


In order to create a solution for Live and Local I began by creating fast and quick ‘Crazy Eights’ sketches in my notebook.

Then, I took these simple sketches and converted them into low fidelity prototypes.

I conducted some user journey mapping and asked users to complete basic tasks and observed and collate their feedback in Miro.

This helped make imporvements to the direction of the product and make it more user centric.


Quick sketches and mockups give me the foundations to design a high fidelity prototype.


  • It’s important for users to sign up quickly within a couple of steps.
  • They can sign up with their email and have included Gmail SSO for them to sign up fast.
  • Onboarded in a few minutes
Rockin’ in no time!

Personalised to you

  • Live & Local checks for music style preferences.
  • Displays recommended music for users in their local area with some simple quick questions to tailor the music to listener.
Disco night or rock the night away?
Almost ready to rock…
Tickets? Check!

Your ticket to local events

  • The payment process allows users to contribute as much as they wish to support the musician.
  • The user can view their Tickets in the tickets tab.
  • Virtual events can be watched live or the recording can be viewed for a designated period of time.


Live & Local brings fans closer to local events quicker and easier.

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