Brand Identity and Digital UI Application

What is Ecotab?

Ecotab is a concept product that appeals to consumers of laundry products who have an environmental awareness and conscience. I wanted to create a brand identity for the product and create a consistent accessible experience for users across it's digital application on mobile devices and on desktop.

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We can no longer neglect or add to the ecological crisis that is currently on-going. We have hit the limits of what can be damaged and polluted. We must begin to salvage and rebuild the Earth for future generations.

Consumers are looking for alternative to environmentally damaging detergents. With this in mind, I have created the concept of Ecotab – an environmentally friendly laundry product.

We need to create a brand identity and a website for Ecotab to create interest in the product.


The brand identity for Ecotab must reflect it’s organic, environmentally friendly and eco-conscious values. Defining a style guide will help the product be consistent in it’s digital applications.

When creating the website, we need to make sure it is mobile responsive and in compliance with WCAG web accessibility guidelines to ensure that it’s reachable for a wide variety of users.

We need to optimise the experience for desktop and mobile devices to ensure that the experience is optimised and streamlined across all platforms.

Ecotab - An environmentally friendly solution.

It is important for the brand to encourage customers to buy "green" products. The customer should feel empowered by their decision to purchase so the brand should reflect that level of consciousness in caring for the environment.

Brand Identity

Defining a style guide

Ecotab logo variations
Ecotab logo usage
Ecotab typography
Ecotab color palette

Digital UI Brand Application

The Ecotab website is build with a mobile first approach and built to be compliant with WCAG web accessibility guidelines.

  • Educate users find the information they need quickly about the product.
  • Engage them identify with the product by introducing customer testimonials from like minded individuals.
  • Empower them with the products advantages.
  • Entice users to act and try product with call to actions and powerful imagery.

Engaging with a digital audience

Ecotab’s website brings a tailored desktop and mobile user experience to environmentally conscience consumers.

See the implementation of the website.



Brand Identity and Digital UI Application

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